Mixed Use Development, Sarajevo

A mixed-use master plan of a green field site in Sarajevo~
Invited Competition Entry, 2009, Developer Client
RD Architects, London Office

The part green field, part brown field site formed an important strategic location on the outskirts of Sarajevo. Previously time consuming and difficult to access, a European Union-funded new road had transformed the ease and speed of travel into the city centre. We took time to fully understand the brief provided. We had to convince the owner of the site that a London architect would be an appropriate choice. We spent time getting to know Sarajevo and understanding the economic and demographic post-war transitions that were taking place in the city. Residential accommodation was in high demand with prices high and, often, quality low. The residential property market was being affected by the high numbers of expat foreign workers in the city. Additionally, the economic resurgence of the city, after the years of the Bosnian Conflict, was attracting migrants from elsewhere in the country. Although the brief was to incorporate shops, restaurants and a school, the focus of the development was the provision of residential accommodation and the site owner was looking for a residential architect with local regional experience. Our work in neighbouring Montenegro and our expertise in residential architecture led to our competition invitation. We were short-listed to the final two competing architectural practices.

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