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Alfriston Road, WandsworthWandsworthAlfriston Road, WandsworthAlfriston Road, WandsworthWandsworthWandsworthAlfriston Road, WandsworthAlfriston Road, WandsworthAlfriston Road, WandsworthWandsworthWandsworthAlfriston Road, WandsworthAlfriston Road, WandsworthAlfriston Road, WandsworthAlfriston Road, WandsworthAlfriston Road, Wandsworth

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This contemporary residential scheme comprises two new-build, semi-detached houses, in Wandsworth, South London. The new build properties replace two existing semi-detached dwellings, sitting on the corner of a quiet and sought after residential street in Clapham. The general appearance of the existing street frontage is identified by a Victorian terrace typology, with our site occupying the end plot of this historic row of houses.

The original Victorian houses that once occupied this site were damaged by bombing during WW2, and replaced with two properties of unsympathetic architectural appearance which were built after the war.

Rodić Davidson Architects, working with Savills Planning, were commissioned to develop a contemporary residential scheme, which introduced generously sized basements at subterranean level, whilst preserving private gardens for each property, in addition to rear terrace space and garden studios. In Savills’ assessment, submitted as part of the planning application in response to our proposal, they felt that, ‘The designs of the new dwellings and outbuilding will not adversely affect the privacy and enjoyment of neighbouring properties, maintaining sufficient levels of sunlight and daylight, and will have close regard to the safety of adjoining trees through the construction phase of development.’

Our process of arriving at the approved scheme, involved a review of Wandsworth’s Permitted Development and basement policies, ensuring that were able to maximise the opportunity of the site for our Client, whom we have worked with on several successful developments previously. The consented scheme marks a significant upgrade from the footprint of each existing property, achieving an uplift of 2.9x on the overall internal floor area, from 172sqm (1850sqft) to 588sqm (6332 sqft), whilst sitting well within the council’s policy of limiting rear excavation in excess of 50% of the outdoor land area for subterranean expansion.

Our detailed process in arriving at the optimal height for each property was derived from analysis of existing ridge height calculations from neighbouring residential properties along the street. This was a key aspect of our due diligence to establish a rationale behind suitable maximum heights for each building, to ensure that a sense of congruity and alignment to the existing street typology would be achieved. Our intention was to enhance the character of the area as a whole, being that the scheme sits at the end of the street and is in prime visibility among local residents. In addition to this, and working closely with the Sunlight/Daylight consultant, we tested various iterations of the angle of the roof mansard throughout our design process, and arrived at an option which struck an optimal balance between pleasing exterior views from street level whilst maximising usable interior space.

The scheme includes the repurposing of the existing double garage at the rear of the site, to become single-storey garden studios to serve each new build, whilst one property has retained a single garage for long term flexibility. Our process of arriving at the appropriate scheme included several design reconfigurations to increase occupant privacy and negate potential points of overlooking between the two new builds, as well as the neighbouring property.

We worked closely with Sunlight and Daylight specialists to carefully assess the proposed impact of each new property on the site, thereby maximising each property’s resulting massing envelope with generously proportioned internal spaces that all considerably exceed the minimum space requirements for bedrooms in a residential property.

A palette of pared back washed brick characterizes the elegant and modern façade, with recessed openings that align with the neighbouring properties, suggestive of a gentler insertion of contemporary residential architecture that compliments the existing street frontage. The properties benefit from carefully considered landscaping schemes to complement the architecture, were the result of an ongoing dialogue with our Landscape architect, whose proposal introduced moments of calm greenery, in the front and rear outdoor spaces, including to terraces of each property.

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