Public House, Westminster, SW1

Refurbishment of a Public House in Westminster
Completed 2011, Developer Client
RD Architects, London Office

Our client, a national brewery company, wished to undertake an exacting refurbishment to this well known Public House. The pub had been poorly refurbished over the years and had lost many of its Victorian features and charm. In conjunction with the Project Manager, we undertook extensive historical research to unpick the various alterations that had taken place over the years. The aim was to identify the original plan form of the pub from when it was built at the turn of the 20th Century.

The building slowly began to reveal itself – careful removal of non-original flooring confirmed the location of the dividing screens that would have originally been in place. We located old archive photographs that allowed us to design new screens and internal joinery. The Victorian rooflight that would have been in place over a billiard table was painstakingly recreated using brilliant cut glass.

The full-width ball room at first floor level was restored, as was the large residential apartment above. The quality of the refurbishment won critical acclaim when the pub reopened in early 2011.

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