Public House, Fitzrovia, W1

Refurbishment of a Public House in Fitzrovia, London
Ongoing project, Developer Client
RD Architects, London Office

Our client, a national brewery company, wishes to refurbish this well known Public House. The pub has lost many of its Victorian features and charm. We prepared a comprehensive historical appraisal, identifying the original plan form layout.

The building has an interesting history. It was constructed in 1883 as a coffee house and converted to a pub in 1887, by William Mortimer Brutton. There are photographs on the walls of both Micheal Bentine and Dylan Thomas drinking in the pub. There is also a photograph of George Orwell. One of the reasons for the pub reputedly being so popular with Orwell and Thomas is its proximity to Broadcasting House and Langham Place – both worked for the BBC in the 1940s and 50s and the pub continues to be popular with BBC staff. Acting as Conservation Architects, we are taking a sensitive approach to the design, at all times carefully researching historical documents and drawings in order to faithfully restore the plan layout to the time that the public house was originally opened in 1887.

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