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Typically defined as ‘a small, sophisticated, and fashionable business or establishment’, Boutique Hotels are renowned for their refined service and luxurious accommodation.  The need for Boutique Hotels derived from resistance to the large chain hotels saturating the market during the 1950s and 1960s. In order to stand out, bespoke services and innovative designs were used to entice customers and to produce a far more intimate holiday experience. It was not until the 1980s that Boutique Hotels saw an influx in production.

As they usually function with a smaller number of rooms, a more tailored experience can be made. Boutique Hotels are typically situated in the most sought-after neighbourhoods in every destination, allowing the visitor to really immerse themselves in the city’s cultural atmosphere.

The architectural and interior design of Boutique Hotels often offer a more distinct character and a more curated experience than regular hotels. This is due to the fact that most Boutique Hotels are independently owned, and therefore have more freedom in generating a unique design concept to suit their guests. This also applies to having elevated facilities within these hotels, such as advanced spa and pool facilities, private outdoor space, newest technology, and other amenities that typical hotels might not have.

Boutique Hotel Planning Permissions in London

Planning permission will be needed to obtain consent for a hotel in London. In the London Plan, there are calls for improved tourist accommodation for particular areas which hold special heritage and cultural value. Areas such as Greenwich Peninsula and other locations with major clusters of visitor attractions are hoping for regenerated accommodation.

In such a historically rich city, creating a new Boutique Hotel may involve the habituation of an existing building protected for preservation due to its architectural style’s historic significance. This may result in a Listed Building Consent planning application, or a more contextually sensitive scheme, in order to gain planning permission. There is also the possibility of constructing a new-build Hotel within a conservation architecture area where a unique and defined characteristic can be made from the outset to represent the brand.

How can Rodić Davidson Help?

We are innovative and design-led architects who have experience with producing sophisticated Boutique Hotels within the UK and abroad. At Rodić Davidson, we hold a particular specialism for designing within historically sensitive scenarios, which we find integral in the culturally rich cities in which we are based, London and Cambridge. We can advise on design opportunities in order to create the desired curated visitor experience that all Boutique Hotels strive for.

Our Best Boutique Hotel Architecture Work

At Rodić Davidson, we have worked on a range of scales of tourist accommodation, from adapting Listed Buildings to creating a new-build hotel. Our approach remains the same throughout – to prioritise innovative design along with practical and technical detailing. We are currently working on several exciting hotel projects which consist of a Grade II* listed building in Westminster and a Boutique Hotel in a conservation area in Notting Hill.


Piccadilly Hotel

The Piccadilly Hotel is a Grade II* Listed hotel located on Piccadilly, within Westminster’s Regent Street Conservation Area. The proposal consisted of various internal and external reconfigurations to increase their thermal performance, noise levels, general health and safety, maintenance, and aesthetics. These works focus on retaining the historic image of the hotel, completing works in a sensitive manner while improving the performance of the building.


Luxury Hotel, Europe

Rodić Davidson Architects were invited to provide masterplan options for the redevelopment of a historic luxury hotel in a European city. Our proposal draws inspiration from its historical context, enriching the prominent river front elevation with a tapestry of carefully conserved historic detailing that has been upgraded with a modern glazed addition.


Kensington Hotel

The Kensington Hotel is a boutique hotel within South Kensington’s Lexham Gardens Conservation Area. The proposal consisted of a roof extension, two closet wing extensions, and a rear extension which also incorporated a communal terrace. The overall scheme saw the addition of 24 guest bedrooms to the Boutique Hotel.


Ambassadors Hotel

Rodić Davidson Architects provided the strategic and aesthetic design for a significant refurbishment and extension of the Ambassadors Hotel, London. The proposal improves the appearance of the existing building, provides additional accommodation, and enhances the Conservation Area and setting of the Listed Church of St. Jude. Our client sought to completely reconfigure the exterior of the building to improve its appearance: to make it more attractive and sit more respectfully within the local context.


Hotel and Public House

Rodić Davidson Architects are currently working on a mansard roof extension above an existing Hotel and Public House within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The proposal creates an additional 5 guest bedrooms and an internal lift, providing access to the extension while also improving access to the existing rooms below. The scheme emphasizes the mixed-use nature of the property, seeking inspiration from the historic Public House aesthetic and taking reference from the arched brickwork surrounds of the existing windows below.

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