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Rodić Davidson Architects has over fifteen years experience in delivering contemporary, beautifully crafted homes for private and developer clients. We take time to explore the brief and to understand our client’s objectives. We seek to establish an iterative design dialogue. Our designs seek to respond and add to the brief and to create spaces that are a joy to occupy and are mindful of the environment.


What is Residential Architecture?

Residential Architecture is the design and construction of the spaces in which we live. Over the years we have had experience of all manor of typologies: Central London town houses, new-build apartments, beach houses, co-living schemes, micro apartments (‘pocket-living’), country houses, mansions, and even house boats. Our approach to design remains consistent no matter what the typology: we seek to create joyful, healthy, inspiring spaces that are sustainable and sensitive to the context. If our client is a developer, we will seek to understand the brand, investment objectives and culture of the company. If our client is an individual owner-occupier, we will seek to understand the priorities, concerns and objectives for the project.


How to Prepare for Residential Architecture

No matter the typology or scale of the project, successful preparation requires the careful development of a project brief. Sometimes clients come to us with a project brief already in place and sometimes we assist in the preparation. A good strategic brief will define the project objectives and milestones. This can focus on what you’d like to achieve through design, thinking in terms of how you will use the space now and in the future. There will be other constraints you will need to discuss from the outset such as time and budget.


How Can Rodić Davidson Help?

Rodić Davidson can assist in formalising your brief for the project and, thereafter can bring the expertise in order to realise the project objectives. Whatever the brief, and whatever the size, Rodić Davidson will always strive to bring the same skills and way of thinking to the project.


Our Best Residential Architecture Work

Rodić Davidson complete projects for many different types of Client and the following Case Study examples are a selection of our Residential Architecture that we have designed specifically for owner-occupier clients. These projects represent our bespoke design expertise which involves the client in the works from concept throughout the detailed design process, ensuring high-quality, practical and beautiful homes.

North Vat, Dungeness

Central to this scheme, located on a Site of Special Scientific Interest in Dungeness, were enthusiastic clients seeking to break away from conventional layout and form. The windows and roof lights were thought of as ‘paintings’, arranged around moments of pause within the plan to frame particular views valued by our Client and track the movement of sunlight which transforms the spaces during the day. Read more about our Dungeness project.

Sartor House, Chelsea

This property forms half of a semi-detached pair of villa style houses in Chelsea, requiring a complete reconfiguration of a traditional, fragmented townhouse layout into a light filled family home. This was achieved through the introduction of double height spaces, interconnecting levels, and strategically placed glazed interventions and a paired back interior palette, giving the spaces a light, elemental feel. Read more about our Chelsea project.

Corner Cottage, Wimbledon

This unique corner terrace of nineteenth century houses located in a Conservation Architecture Area in Wimbledon presented challenges that were overcome due to the tenacity, skill and care of our client throughout the entire process. Having worked with them on two previous occasions, this project involved an entirely different approach. The cellular nature of the house involved a radical rethink of the spatial organization to achieve the desired living spaces. Read more about our Wimbledon project.

Townhouse, Pimlico

Sandwiched on an island site in the heart of the Pimlico Conservation Area, this double fronted house had an unusual small side yard and under pavement vaults in a state of disrepair. The proposal sought to increase and reconfigure the spaces to provide a functional family home with more area. The infilling of the outside space at basement level and incorporation of the vaults into an open plan living space led to the decision to create a roof extension holding an indoor-outdoor space transformed by a retractable glazed roof. Read more about our Pimlico project.

Rodić Davidson specialise in delivering high end developments of a range of scales, if you would like to know more you can view more of our projects.


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