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Whilst a large part of the practice works with historic buildings, our designs look to incorporate modern sustainable technologies in order to bring these heritage assets into the modern, climate conscious 21st Century. By improving the energy and carbon efficiency of properties, the future of these precious buildings is not only safeguarded but makes these buildings even more desirable by combining comfort and operational cost-efficiency with a rich, historical environment in which to live and work.

Our consciousness of sustainable design has culminated with the rare planning consent for a Grade II* listed property, set to achieve a BREEAM Outstanding rating; this will be one of only a handful of listed properties across the whole country to gain BREEAM Outstanding. The works to the home within the heart of Soho include fabric upgrades, rainwater harvesting, new ecological habitats and a new roof terrace. You can read more about this Grade II* Listed BREEAM outstanding project here.

We can incorporate many modern technologies into your new home. Our network of consultants and suppliers can provide specialist services and products including music systems, cinema rooms, security and access control, sophisticated lighting and blinds as well as centralised control for many of these technologies via apps and personal devices.

Home heating by solar panel

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