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Listed Buildings are designated as such by being awarded a status that ensures the preservation of structures with strong architectural and historic interest, whose qualities are deemed to be of national or international importance and therefore requiring legal protection. Over 2% of the UK’s building stock is made up of Listed Buildings, and these constitute a large percentage of historic cities such as London.

Although it is most common for older buildings to be listed, as there are often much fewer remaining examples of historic Architectural periods, listed status is also given to more modern buildings dating from 1945 to present. Nonetheless, buildings less than 30 years old are very rarely listed as they are yet to stand the test of time, and as such the selection process for relatively young buildings is rigorous and selective.


Listed Buildings in Conservation Areas

There are approximately ten thousand conservation architecture areas in England, and over 2% of its building stock is made up of Listed Buildings which constitute a large percentage of historic cities like London. These historic neighbourhoods and buildings have statutory regulations in place in order to preserve their architectural and historic qualities.

Many parts of Central London are conservation areas (CA), including over 70% of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. A conservation area is designated to preserve the special architectural and historical character of that neighbourhood. Therefore, the appearance of these neighbourhoods as a whole is more strongly controlled by the local authority in order to preserve its qualities rather, than that of an individual building.

You can read further on conservation areas here.


Understanding if Your Building is Listed

All Listed buildings can be found on the Historic England Register: List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. Grade I buildings are of exceptional interest, Grade II* buildings are particularly important buildings of more than special interest and Grade II are of special interest. Grade II buildings make up 91.7% of all Listed Building stock and are the most likely listing for a homeowner.

Listed buildings which are in danger of decay are listed on the Historic England ‘Heritage at Risk’ Register, these projects require a unique level of care and dedication to preserving and enhancing their decomposing heritage.


How will my Listing Affect me?

Once a building is Listed, all parts of the building and its curtilage become legally protected and you must obtain Listed Building Consent from your local authority, often in addition to Planning Consents, in order to make any alterations or extensions or demolish any part of the structure. Whilst the alteration process can be restrictive, it does not ‘freeze a building in time’ but instead regulates change on a unique case by case basis, ensuring the heritage value of the building is preserved or enhanced.

These old buildings may have been extended incrementally over time and therefore, each room and floor will have a greater or lesser historical significance depending on how far each element has departed from its original historic design. However, the building in its entirety is listed. Whilst these buildings are strongly protected, there is still the possibility for alteration with sensitive, well evidenced proposals.


What Buildings can Rodic Davidson Architects Help With?

As experienced architects with a particular specialism for listed buildings, Rodić Davidson can advise on design possibilities to unlock the potential of your heritage assets, often incorporating modern insertions. We undertake a careful examination of the existing and regularly work with specialist consultants in order to put forward compelling cases to renovate and reuse these historic properties. The removal of more recent, poor-quality extensions and reinstating historic character, with traditional methods and materials, and plan form is usually supported with particular consideration given to principal floors, front façade and roof form of listed properties.


Our Listed Building Work

At Rodic Davidson, we have worked with all grades of listed building, from Grade II and Grade II* to the most protected Grade I Listed structures that make up only 2.5% of England’s Listed Building stock. Our team prides themselves upon the challenge of each unique aspect of listed building renovation and are currently working on a range of exciting projects such as the completed scheme below, which involves the replacement of all Doors and Windows of a Grade II* Hotel in Westminster. Our consciousness of sustainable design paired with expertise in the alteration of listed buildings was recognized in the awarding of a rare planning consent for a Grade II* listed property, set to achieve BREEAM Outstanding rating; being one of the very few listed properties across the whole country to achieve this sustainability rating. You can find out more about this project here.

Queen Anne Apartment, Knightsbridge: Leading the renovation of a large duplex apartment near Harrods in Knightsbridge, Rodic Davidson reconfigured a large apartment arranged over the two principle floors of a fine Grade II Listed building in the Hans Town Conservation Area.

Town House, Belgravia: Rodić Davidson Architects were commissioned by the owner of the property to prepare proposals for the building’s restoration to its original historic use as a single-family dwelling. The home is located in the heart of the Belgravia Conservation Area and is Grade II Listed as a prime example of early/mid century regency style architecture.

Country House, Yorkshire: Brandsby Hall is a Grade II* listed Georgian mansion in the village of Brandsby, North Yorksire. The new owners of Brandsby Hall instructed Rodić Davidson Architects to improve the property so as to provide up-to-date residential accommodation fit for a modern family use.


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Grade 2 Listed Apartment Renovation Knightsbridge

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