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Preparations for LFA begin: Furniture Build


The Rodic Davidson TeamThe Rodic Davidson TeamThe Rodic Davidson TeamThe Rodic Davidson TeamThe Rodic Davidson TeamThe Rodic Davidson TeamThe Rodic Davidson TeamThe Rodic Davidson TeamThe Rodic Davidson Team

Preparations for our London Festival of Architecture installation, ‘Performing the Plan’ are well underway. A team of RDA volunteers have designed and built the movable furniture which will feature in the courtyard during the LFA month this June.

As a temporary installation, it was important to us to minimize the impact and material use of our proposal, aiming to produce something which can be re-used and integrated into the courtyard’s own outdoor furniture after the LFA month but also made from repurposed materials.

The frame was built out of palette wood planks, salvaged from Le Cordon Bleu’s delivery packages which had been discarded ready for waste just across Pied Bull Yard and the most challenging aspect of the build. Most of the day was spent cutting, splitting and prying the best planks apart; de-nailing each one and sanding them ready for use. The result was a range of beautifully weathered and varied shades of wood in a new stage of their lifecycle.

Other supporting materials included wooden batons re-purposed from an airing cupboard shelf, and a large sheet of ply scavenged from a local resident who had bought surplus materials. Once screwed together, the chairs were both sanded once again and painted white to graphically link the furniture into our main installation design, followed by a quick after work drink to celebrate.

As preparations for our installation ‘Performing the Plan’ continue you can stay up to date through subsequent news posts and through our Instagram pages including the furniture process photos on Rodić Davidson Interiors. The next physical stage is to begin imposing the Plan onto the courtyard floor, which will be available for anyone to visit from the 1st – 30th of June. To attend our Studio Late Event on the 24th of June, you can buy a free ticket through our Eventbrite page to secure your place.


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