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What Architectural Services do Rodić Davidson offer in Cambridge?

Rodić Davidson has an expanding portfolio in the east and south-east of England as well as projects as far as Scotland. However much of our work outside London is based in the East of England, where we have award-winning projects in Cambridge. The city also provides a central point for our projects in surrounding villages along with those in rural Suffolk and North Norfolk. Many of the associated professionals and building contractors needed to serve these projects are based in Cambridge.

Rodić Davidson offers a full range of Architectural, Project Management and Interior Design services. The majority of the projects that we undertake are on sensitive sites: whether these be within Conservation Architecture Areas, Green Belt, or Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).  A recent example is the extension and renovation of a listed farmhouse and barn in Suffolk where we have restored a listed farmhouse by linking it to a 16th century agricultural barn alongside incorporating new-build barns and pavilion. The practice is currently working on number of farmstead and country house projects in Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire and the surrounding areas. Rodić Davidson have track record in obtaining advantageous Planning Permissions. We regularly make submissions to Cambridge City Council, Huntingdonshire District Council, South Cambridgeshire District Council, East Cambridgeshire District Council, Uttlesford District Council, East Suffolk Council and Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Council.


Our expertise working in Cambridge

The practice has established connections with Cambridge and experience of working in the City. The core is historically sensitive and subject to close planning scrutiny. Indeed, we find that the planning process in Cambridge City is as closely scrutinized as that in the most sensitive areas of Central London.


Our Work in Cambridge

The practice undertakes commercial and residential projects in the city. Examples being a mixed-use development in Chesterton, and several new-build and refurbishment apartment schemes in the historic core. The Practice is currently working on an ambitious project to regenerate a corner of Christ’s Pieces. Positive pre-application discussions have been held with Cambridge City Council and a detailed Planning Application is under preparation.

The design is influenced by an analysis of the building forms elsewhere within the historic core. Overhangs and projections are an oft repeated feature, and our design seeks to reinterpret various traditional forms by creating a new corner with a projection incorporating lighting for the adjacent passageway.


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Rodić Davidson is always interested in new potential projects of any scale. We believe that buildings are more than brick and mortar; they are an extension of ourselves and our environment, places where we can flourish and develop. This belief underpins everything we do, whether we are designing for high end residential, commercial or development, we always create bespoke and sustainable designs.

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