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We Want a Window and we want it Here, by Paul Spooner


Rodic Davidson Architects

We Want a Window and we want it Here, by Paul Spooner

A figure looking a bit like a glove puppet sketches a square in the air. A single cam is divided into 4x90deg sectors: a major diameter, a minor diameter and two profiles that connect them. Two cam followers are arranged at right angles to each other so that one is rolling over the large or small diameter, producing no movement, the other climbing up or down one of the profiles, producing vertical or lateral movement. With a little more design effort the figure could be made to draw a more accurate square but our watchword is “almost good enough is good enough”. The alternative title, “Windows for Dummies” wasn’t selected because only people with computers would understand it.

Machines operate on the hour, every hour in our Bury Place windows.

March 2019 – September 2019



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