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01 Material LibraryRodić Davidson Architects & Rodić Davidson Interiors: Material LibraryRodić Davidson Architects & Rodić Davidson Interiors: Material LibraryRodić Davidson Architects & Rodić Davidson Interiors: Material LibraryRodić Davidson Architects & Rodić Davidson Interiors: Material LibraryRodić Davidson Architects & Rodić Davidson Interiors: Material Library

At Rodić Davidson Architects, we wanted to showcase our curated collection of physical material samples, which are a valuable architectural tool used throughout the design process. Working in close collaboration with Rodić Davidson Interiors, we have collected and classified a broad range of internal and external materials to inform and develop design proposals with our clients. The tactile nature of these products speaks to the experiential quality of space, allowing us to consider and explore not only the physical proportions of the space, but also the feeling within. We enjoy sharing this process first hand with our clients during in-person office meetings at any stage of a project.

Occupying its own dedicated space within our Bloomsbury studio, our library contains a broad inventory of the materials we frequently work with – from stone and timber, to paint and clay – allowing clients to immerse themselves in the wide range of possibilities that can be achieved in their scheme. Our vast experience in working with listed buildings requires an in-depth knowledge of heritage materials and this is reflected in our growing library, which contains bespoke masonry used for matching new with old. Alongside this, our library also houses an array of contemporary materials, lending themselves to more modern design approaches.



With a majority of work in Central London and surrounding areas, bricks form an integral part of our portfolio to date, and its place in our material library is incredibly important to us as a practice. We showcase a mixture of bespoke, handmade and machine-manufactured bricks to allow for a range of possibilities to suit various applications. The choice of brick may be prescriptive on certain projects, particularly in a heritage setting, however, we always look to innovate – exploring the prospect of using bricks in unique arrangements to propose interesting patterns and shapes to feature walls where appropriate.


We have a large selection of different kinds of wood across our library, used in the construction phase by Rodić Davidson Architects and for internal finishes, used by Rodić Davidson Interiors. Our timber selection ranges from natural, solid hardwoods such as oak and pine, to composite materials such as plywood, coupled with various aesthetic finishes and colours to suit the individual needs of our clients. Being one of the most sustainable, readily available materials on the market at present, we always encourage its consideration to clients if it is suitable for their project’s ambitions.


Our material library houses a wonderful array of stone samples, including terrazzo and granite, which can be some of the most expressive finishes, courtesy of the distinctive patterns they produce and poetic qualities intrinsic in their grain. Sourced from specialist mason’s from around the world, we are able to specify hard-to-find forms of natural stone across our architecture and interior’s projects.


The RDA team regularly meet with suppliers and manufacturers in order to update our library, ensuring we have access to the newest technological information to provide the best possible solutions for clients. We strive to work with companies who adopt sustainable methods of manufacture, allowing our clients to benefit from these energy efficiency credentials. This process of continual development helps to ensure we keep up to date with current trends, as well as timeless finishes, and create projects that are bespoke and finely crafted spaces.



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