Farmhouse, Whiltshire

Masterplan for a former farm in the countryside
Project completed 2009, Private Client
RD Architects, London Office

Set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, this collection of farm buildings was arranged around an archetypal rose-fronted farmhouse. The agricultural buildings were within very close proximity and were of different ages – dating from a very old timber-framed hay barn (pre-dating the Victorian farmhouse), through to an Edwardian Dairy and a more modern concrete hay barn. Our London–based clients had purchased the property as a weekend retreat. They were a keen sporting family: tennis, swimming, football and the brief was to bring the unused buildings back into use and to create a more cohesive layout. Our spatial analysis led to an interesting result. The farm house and the two older agricultural buildings were actually well-placed to take real advantage of the south facing courtyard. These buildings had previously been viewed as an obstruction to the front entrance door of the farmhouse. Our response was to completely re-order space. The farmhouse became the sleeping accommodation. By devoting the entire floor area we could provide a number of really generous-sized bedrooms. The former dairy became a huge open-plan dining/ kitchen area with doors directly onto the courtyard. The older barn would become an enormous living space with doors that could be opened full-width during the summer.

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